Did you know that reading reduces stress?

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    Read (or listen to!) whatever book you want, wherever you want, and however you want.

    Read from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone. Read carelessly, or listen to audiobooks. Everything is on the cloud, that's what paradise is: no file downloads, no format issues or lack of compatibility.

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    Discover books, many books and audiobooks.

    Access a catalog of more than 1 million titles and rising. When searching among thousands of novels, bestsellers, poetry, business books and audiobooks, your next read is probably not the one you were expecting. Additionally we have books and audiobooks available in several languages!

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    Build your own personal library.

    Create bookshelves, manage and arrange your books as you wish; it's the library of your dreams. Update your personal profile as a reader; tell everyone what you just finished reading, the audiobooks you enjoyed the most, what you are reading now, and which books go next.

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    Read privately or share your bookshelves, tastes, comments, reads… or your obsessions. There is a librarian inside you, show it to the world!

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    Follow other readers.

    Browse other readers’ bookshelves that share similar passions with you. Or maybe just look around to see what new tastes you might discover! You never know what’s waiting for you…a great new book, an amazing writer or a new friend!

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    And all this doesn't cost much.

    You will read as many books as you want plus a monthly audiobook. You can even read the books without Internet connection and with no Ads, for only $8.99 a month.

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