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Cyber Crisis Management - Overcoming the Challenges in Cyberspace

Rodney D Ryder, Ashwin Madhavan

Trumped - Emerging Powers in a Post-American World

Sreeram Chaulia

The Rat Eater

Anand Ranganathan, Chitra Subramaniam

RN Kao - Gentleman Spymaster

Nitin A Gokhale

Power of a Princess

E.D. Baker

Run the Race! - Discover Your Purpose and Experience the Power of Being on God’s Winning Team

Christine Caine

Impossible Causes

Julie Mayhew

Incidental Inventions

Elena Ferrante

The Sacred Enneagram Workbook - Mapping Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth

Christopher L. Heuertz

Spies Lies and Disguise - The Daring Tricks and Deeds That Won World War II

Jennifer Swanson

The Wickerlight

Mary Watson

Tactics 10th Anniversary Edition - A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions

Gregory Koukl

Wisdom for Each Day (Large Text Leathersoft)

Bill Graham

Sent by the Iron Sky - The Legacy of an American Parachute Battalion in World War II

Ian Gardner

Tirpitz in Norway - X-craft midget submarines raid the fjords Operation Source 1943

Angus Konstam

Press Start - Using gamification to power-up your marketing

Daniel Griffin, Albert van der Meer

Writers' & Artists' Guide to Getting Published - Essential advice for aspiring authors

Alysoun Owen

The Elite - The A–Z of Modern Special Operations Forces

Leigh Neville

The Great Bear at War - The Russian and Soviet Army 1917–Present

Chris McNab

Writers' & Artists' Guide to Writing for Children and YA

Linda Strachan

German Guided Missiles of World War II - Fritz-X to Wasserfall and X4

Steven J. Zaloga

Guadalcanal 1942–43 - Japan's bid to knock out Henderson Field and the Cactus Air Force

Mark Stille

Me 210 410 Zerstörer Units

Robert Forsyth

Hotchkiss Machine Guns - From Verdun to Iwo Jima

John Walter

Java Sea 1942 - Japan's conquest of the Netherlands East Indies

Mark Stille

Samurai vs Ashigaru - Japan 1543–75

Stephen Turnbull

Raiders from New France - North American Forest Warfare Tactics 17th–18th Centuries

René Chartrand

The Persian War in Herodotus and Other Ancient Voices

William Shepherd

MiG Alley - The US Air Force in Korea 1950–53

Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

The Faith of Queen Elizabeth - The Poise Grace and Quiet Strength Behind the Crown

Dudley Delffs