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Victory II - Victorious #8

Jasmin Hajro

Pride and Poor Judgment

J Anne Campanile

Lock&Load - PASS Series #3

Freya Barker

The Fury of Angels - Damned Reflections #1

Julian M. Coleman

Veils of Distortion: How the News Media Warps Our Minds

John Zada

The Last Wizard

Storyteller Ceallach the

Destiny - The Owens Chronicles #2

Amanda Lynn Petrin

The Roland Medals - A Novel

Maureen Cashman

shine your icy crown

Amanda Lovelace, ladybookmad

An Infinite History - The Story of a Family in France over Three Centuries

Emma Rothschild

A View from Abroad - The Story of John and Abigail Adams in Europe

Jeanne E. Abrams

The Breakup Hair Handbook

Jenna Luecke

Through the Storm of Early Trauma - Healing and Overcoming

Byrdy Lynn

Agrotropolis - Youth Street and Nation in the New Urban Guatemala

J.T. Way

Train (Your Brain) Like an Olympian - Gold Medal Techniques to Unleash Your Potential at Work

Jean François Ménard

Seducing the Roman

M.K. Chester

INDISPENSABLE - How to Build and Lead A Company Customers Can’t Live Without

James M. Kerr

Love’s Letters: A Collection of Timeless Relationship Advice from Today’s Hottest Marriage Experts

Chris Brown, Shawn Lovejoy, Jeff Feldhahn, Shaunti Feldhahn, Hallee Bridgeman, Debra Clopton, Sean Reed, Holly Brown, Juan Martinez, Amber Lia, Ruthy Martinez, Clayton Hurst, Scott LaPierre, Debra Fileta, Scott Silverii, Leah Silverii, Rashawn Copeland, Adam McCain, Jami McCain, Sheri Bright, Richard Bright, Gregg Bridgeman, Nan Burkeen, Jody Burkeen, Chuck Clopton, Denisse Copeland, Cheryl Edmonson, Ron Edmonson, John Fileta, Tondra Gregory, George Gregory, Ashley Hurst, Katie LaPierre, Guy Lia, Tricia Lovejoy, Emily Malm, Joel Malm, Keesha Melancon, Joshua Melancon, Jamal Miller, Natasha Miller, Lynette Reed, Alicia Rowntree, Michael Rowntree, Devi Titus, Larry Titus

A Glimmer of Death

Valerie Wilson Wesley

Hard to Shake - The Baxter Boys ~ Rattled #9

Jane Charles

Out of the Blue - Another Try #6

Faith Hart

Binding Lies - Finley Series #3

Mariëtte Whitcomb

The Titanic Sisters

Patricia Falvey

Dragon Lake: A Swan Lake Retelling

R. L. Davennor

Life Profitability - The New Measure of Entrepreneurial Success Author name on Amazon

Adii Pienaar

Murder at Mabel's Motel

G. A. McKevett

Earl of Darling - Wicked Earls' Club #25

Maggie Dallen, Katherine Ann Madison

Ink and Shadows

Ellery Adams

Maryann's Hope

Molly Jebber

His Not-So-Sweet Marchioness - Lustful Lords #4

Sorcha Mowbray