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Into the Woods

David Mark

Be You On Video - Own Your Energy and Voice in Front of the Camera

Celeste Gehring

Smart Machines - From Vision to Reality

Fouad Sabry

A Most Interesting Problem - What Darwin’s Descent of Man Got Right and Wrong about Human Evolution

Jeremy DeSilva

Are You Prepared for a Disaster? - Mitigation and Management of Disasters

Rajni Sekhri Sibal

The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide - Everything you need to know to make small changes that make a big difference

Jen Gale

The Book of the Earthworm

Sally Coulthard

Conscious - A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind

Annaka Harris

Influence - How social media influencers are shaping our digital future

Sara McCorquodale

The Book of Beautiful Questions - The Powerful Questions That Will Help You Decide Create Connect and Lead

Warren Berger

Exploring Windows 10 May 2020 Edition - The Illustrated Practical Guide to Using Microsoft Windows

Kevin Wilson

CentOS 8 Essentials - Learn to Install Administer and Deploy Centos 8 Systems

Neil Smyth

Of Privacy and Power - The Transatlantic Struggle over Freedom and Security

Henry Farrell, Abraham L. Newman

The Internet Trap - How the Digital Economy Builds Monopolies and Undermines Democracy

Matthew Hindman

The Hedgehog Handbook

Sally Coulthard

The Super Guide to Successful Blogging

Abdulkabir Olatunji

The Story of Computing

John Dermot Turing

The New Analog - Listening and Reconnecting in a Digital World

Damon Krukowski

Adrift - A Secret Life of London’s Waterways

Helen Babbs

The Enduring Tension - Capitalism and the Moral Order

Donald J. Devine

Developing Learning Habits - Seven Practical Steps to Successful change

Celine Mullins

The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac - The Ultimate Guide to Greys Reptilians Hybrids and Nordics

Craig Campobasso

Artificial Intelligence: myths & truths - Real opportunities to create value in business and the impacts on the future of work

Adriano Mussa

The Wright Flyers 1899–1916 - The kites gliders and aircraft that launched the “Air Age”

Richard P. Hallion

The Story of Evolution in 25 Discoveries - The Evidence and the People Who Found It

Donald R. Prothero

Research Exposed - How Empirical Social Science Gets Done in the Digital Age

Eszter Hargittai

Chicago's Industrial Decline - The Failure of Redevelopment 1920–1975

Robert Lewis

Plastic Free - The Inspiring Story of a Global Environmental Movement and Why It Matters

Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, Joanna Atherfold Finn

SwiftUI Essentials - iOS 14 Edition - Learn to Develop IOS Apps Using SwiftUI Swift 5 and Xcode 12

Neil Smyth

Android Studio 41 Development Essentials - Java Edition - Developing Android 11 Apps Using Android Studio 4 1 Java and Android Jetpack

Neil Smyth