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Flann O’Brien - Gallows Humour

Ruben Borg, Paul Fagan

On the Genealogy of Morals

Frederich Nietzsche

A Room of One's Own

Virginia Woolf

Canoeing in the Wilderness

Henry David Thoreau

Tiny Nightmares - Very Short Stories of Horror

Lincoln Michel, Nadxieli Nieto

The Deep State - A History of Secret Agendas and Shadow Governments

Ian Fitzgerald

World Classics Library: Nietzsche - Thus Spake Zarathustra Ecce Homo Beyond Good and Evil

Frederich Nietzsche

A Short Philosophy of Birds

Philippe J. Dubois, Elise Rousseau

Made Possible - Stories of success by people with learning disabilities – in their own words

Saba Salman

Friend - A Novel from North Korea

Nam-nyong Paek

A Winter's Night - A thrilling mix of history and fantasy for fans of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series

Theodore Brun

Hard to Love - Essays and Confessions

Briallen Hopper

The Ferrante Letters - An Experiment in Collective Criticism

Katherine Hill, Merve Emre, Sarah Chihaya, Jill Richards

Toxic Love - The Shocking True Story of the First Murder by Cancer

Tomás Guillén

On Love

Charles Bukowski

A Double Life

Karolina Pavlova

Boys Will Be Boys

Clementine Ford

A Cabinet of Curiosity

Bradford Morrow

Reader I Married Him - Stories Inspired by Jane Eyre

Tracy Chevalier

Night Thoughts

Wallace Shawn

The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder

William Anderson, Laura Ingalls Wilder

Letters Like the Day - On Reading Georgia O'Keeffe

Jennifer Sinor

Affinity - The Friendship Issue

Bradford Morrow

A Daughter's Deadly Deception - The Jennifer Pan Story

Jeremy Grimaldi

The National Road - Dispatches From a Changing America

Tom Zoellner

El Chapo - The Story of the World’s Most Notorious Drug Lord

Terry Burrows

World Classics Library: Plato - The Republic Charmides Meno Gorgias Parmenides Symposium Euthyphro Apology Crito Phaedo

Plato Plato

A Flash of Words 2 - The Games

Brian Paone

Towards a Political Economy of Ukraine - Selected Essays 1990–2015

Marko Bojcun

No Place Like Murder - True Crime in the Midwest

Janis Thornton