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My Two-Stud Stand

Larissa Lynx

Honeymoon Hideaway

Mia London

Captive Women

Don Julian Winslow

The Constant Concubines - A Trevor Gantt Erotic Mystery

Gemma Stone

Bad Girl

Steve Maser

My Not So Loving Wife

James Grosvenor

My Mom's Lover

Tina Gray

Nightmare of Vengeance

Lizbeth Dusseau

Madam in Attendance

S.M. Ackerman

Thrall of the Warrior Witch

Lance Edwards

Vegas Savages

Jane Brooke

Lambda House Rules

Imelda Stark

Sister Wife

Imelda Stark

Crushed Men


Sarah's Steed


Madam In Attendance II

S.M. Ackerman

Prince of Slaves

Leigh Tanner

Sub u

Saundra Brookes

Fatal Love

Colin I. Guest

Three - by Invitation Only

Neale Sourna

Three souls for a heart My polygamy

Guillermina Mekuy


Torie Grace

Popping My Anal Cherry At 40!

Tori Westwood

[Sweet-n-Bitter] - Danger!

Theodore Raymond Riddle

The Complete Guide to Kama Sutra


Daddy's In My Holes #13 - 22 Steaming Hot Incest Stories

Samantha LaCroix

Twice the pain

Torie Grace

Make Her Scream - Erotic Fantasies That Satisfy Your Needs!

Bridgit Embers

Crucible of Cain

Torie Grace


Torie Grace