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Hope - Eternal optimism - cover

Hope - Eternal optimism

Salome Pinto

Publisher: Pencil

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About the Book: Salome Pinto is the author of Chai and more, a book that touched the hearts of readers in India and abroad.Salome wrote this book, to give Hope to all, but especially to those who suffer in this world. This novel, unlike the previous one that had short stories only, provides hope in these challenging times when people feel “Enough is Enough”. She wants to tell them “This too shall pass.”“Salome’s ‘Chai and more’ is a warm hug for both yourself and for the people you can’t hug in person!”- Ken Herron, Orlando, Florida“The anecdotal nature of Chai and More, and its short story form made it really enjoyable to be read over a cup of coffee or chai as suggested by the title. Youngsters like me could especially gain a lot of insight into life through your experience of the world. I am personally not much of a reader yet I relished every minute of reading Chai and More.I know your new book ‘Hope’ will be just as good if not more. We are living in times when we’re not hopeful about the future. Because of the richness of your ideas, I expect that I might possibly receive a new lease of life after reading your new book. And I simply cannot wait.- Sameera Balani, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
“I really enjoyed reading Chai and more by Salome Pinto. It was written in a very good way for busy people who only have time for a short story or two.You can read a little bit, and then come back to it and start a fresh story”- Avrohom Gottheil, CEO, Ask the CEO“I finally completed the book...it’s fabulous! I can relate to the morals in the anecdotes…it’s so pure and genuine. [Being one of your students] It totally reminds me of the way you used to talk to us in school, I miss it very much.I’m truly happy for you, Miss. Congratulations!”- Barirah Vaid, Student“I loved the book! I never liked reading books but since this book has different stores, I could just open any chapter and read a short and sweet story. This book really helped me pass time in a constructive way. Thank you so much for being an inspiring teacher and author.”- Svara Patwardhan, Student
About the Author: Salome is the author of Chai and More, a book that touched the hearts of readers all over the world. Salome wrote this book to give Hope to all, but especially to those who suffer in this world. She wants them to know ‘This too shall pass.’ This novel provides hope in these challenging times when people feel Enough is Enough.

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